Welcome to the Blackcats Games Wiki. This is a place for members and non members alike to view the rules and FAQs associated with Blackcats Games without needing access to the site.

And of course, a big thank you to BREAKFAST4, without whom none of this would have been possible. You make me want to be a better man.


General rules - Breaking these rules will get you banned!

  • Do not defy the Moderators expressed wishes! If you encounter problems with a Moderator or are unsatisfied with a warning,
    you may address it in #complaints of our IRC network or Staffbox. But make sure you have a good reason to challenge the warning, otherwise the warning can be increased.
  • Staff decisions are final. No correspondence will be entered into nor will there be any "special" treatment given to any member,
    regardless of user level, membership, or tracker stats. If you break the Rules, you will be warned or in a worst case scenario, Banned.
  • Disruptive behaviour in the forums, torrent comments, PMs or on the IRC channel will result in a warning ( ).
  • No language other than English is to be used on the site, forum (except designated forum sections) and IRC.
  • Be patient with newcomers.
  • After your first warning we will consider whether to ban you or not based on how critical the warning has been.
  • Only 1 account per user.
  • Trading accounts or referrals is strictly forbidden as well as sharing or giving away your account! The corresponding accounts will be disabled.
  • Do NOT try to cheat. We will catch you sooner or later and don't give second chances. We also share this info with other private trackers.
  • Asking for or Trading of invites is not allowed anywhere on the site.
  • We respect the wishes of other sites here. Please refrain from posting full names of sites that do no want to be mentioned here.
  • Don't post links to any other torrent trackers on the site, in the forums or on IRC.
  • The use of proxy sites is not allowed. (VPN's are considered proxies)
  • Do NOT sign up using a proxy, VPN, or your seedbox. Also make sure to please sign up using your actual home IP address to avoid confusion and suspicion.
  • If you encounter anything that is against the rules, ie. torrent comment, forum post, bad request, bad upload, use the report button.
  • Failure to download regularly or participate in other areas of the community can result in disablement of account.

Downloading rules - By not following these rules you will lose download privileges!

  • Global ratio is not as important as individual torrent ratios!
  • We expect you to seed every completed torrent to a ratio of 0.7.
    If you can't seed it naturally by uploading, then you need to use Seed Points.
  • After you download more than 20 GB, if your ratio falls below 0.4 you will receive a warning for low ratio. If you do not raise your ratio over 0.75 after 4 weeks your account will be disabled.
  • New members should not download too much too soon. We have a high seed to leech ratio and you will find it difficult to upload on older torrents.
  • We do not tolerate Hit & Runs here. Any complete and inactive torrent with a ratio less than 0.7 is counted as a Hit & Run.
  • Excessive Hit & Runs will result in being limited to 0 download slots. Continue to Hit & Run and your account will be disabled. You are expected to seed back as much you take at Blackcats. Slow uploads/Over Seeding/Too Many Seeds are not valid excuses (See Seed Points FAQ).
  • Check if your client is banned in the Allowed Clients List and remember to follow the rules in that forum topic mentioned in the first post.
  • You are only allowed to use 1 IP and Client per torrent, ie. you can DL/UL 1 torrent from home and another torrent from your seedbox for example.
  • Partial leeching is not allowed. Either try to download the torrent fully or don't try at all. You will only disturb the complete system. Packs are an exception to this (like DS packs).

General Posting Guidelines - Please follow these guidelines on the site (Shoutbox, Forum, Tracker and IRC) or else you might end up with a warning!

  • Some sections of the forums may have their own sets of rules. You must read and follow these.
  • Please, feel free to answer any questions but leave the moderating to staff.
  • Stay on topic and don't post if it doesn't add anything to the topic.
  • No referral or pyramid schemes. Or any other similar scheme in which the poster gains profit from users clicking the link.
  • Use the search feature before opening a new topic in the forums.
  • Do not discuss other trackers, ie. their torrents, comparing them to other trackers, etc.
  • No aggressive behaviour or flaming.
  • Do not post potentially offensive material involving porn, religious material, animal / human cruelty or ideologically charged images. Staff has wide discretion on what is acceptable. If in doubt PM staffbox.
  • No trashing of other peoples topics (i.e. SPAM).
  • No language other than English (except for the foreign language sections in forums).
  • No links to any offensive material.
  • No systematic foul language (and none at all on titles).
  • No links to warez or crack sites or talking about them.
  • No requesting or posting of serials, CD keys, passwords or cracks.
  • No requests are allowed in the Forums or Torrent Comments or Chat.
  • No requesting if there has been no 'scene' release in the last 14 days after the official release date. You may request a scene release once it has been Pre'd.
  • Only game related requests are allowed, ie. a movie coming as a bonus to the game is NOT allowed but a Making of the game is allowed.
  • If you can't provide any link or proof that the Undub exists, don't request it.
  • No bumping... (All bumped threads will be deleted).
  • No images larger than 800x600, and preferably web-optimised.
  • No double posting. If you wish to post again, and yours is the last post in the thread please use the EDIT function, instead of posting a double.
  • Please ensure all questions are posted in the correct section!
    (Game questions in the correct platform section, Site questions in the Site section, etc.).
  • Last, please read the FAQ before asking any questions!
  • If you unsure about your topic or any issue ask about it either in IRC or direct it to the Forum Moderators responsible in that section.

Torrent Comments rules - Breaking these rules will get you banned!

  • Keep all posts in the torrent comments related to the torrent or game, ie. info about the game, how to make it run, critical errors, etc.
  • You may state your opinion about the game as long as you leave the arguments for it as well. Only saying that it sucks doesn't count.
  • Read through the previous comments to see if your question has been asked/answered, before posting. Not doing so will result in a warning.
    Time has shown that users will post which languages the game contains, which region it runs on, etc. so you just have to be patient.
    The answer will not come sooner the more people ask.
  • Posts about you waiting for another version or not downloading the torrent are unnecessary as well as posts about you seeding this for longer.
  • Do not complain about the uploader or the torrent. If you have nothing nice to say, don't say anything at all.
  • Don't ask for more seeds.
  • Don't complain about speed.
  • Don't post how much you have completed of the torrent already.
  • Do NOT remove edited messages made by Staff.

Avatar Guidelines - Please try to follow these guidelines

  • The allowed formats are .gif, .jpg and .png.
  • Be considerate. Resize your images to a width of 150 px and a size of no more than 150 KB. If your avatar is larger than 250 KB it can be removed without notice.
  • Do not use potentially offensive material involving porn, religious material, animal / human cruelty or ideologically charged images. Mods have wide discretion on what is acceptable. If in doubt PM one.

IRC Guidelines - The same rules as in other site areas apply here!

  • Respect Staff. Staff members have an %, @, &, or ~ in front of their nick and you should listen to them.
  • The main channel is #blackcats.
  • Read the topic when entering the main channel.
  • Before trying to enter the main channel read the IRC Login Instructions.
  • No excessive swearing, spamming or testing the bots.
  • Do not post anything offensive.
  • Do NOT PM Staff without asking for it first.
  • Account related questions can be posted in #help.
  • Complaints about Staff may be posted in #complaints.
  • For a more detailed list of the IRC rules please read IRC Rules.

Uploading rules - Torrents violating these rules may be deleted without notice

  • We accept scene releases as well as custom archives. Be sure you've tested a custom release before you upload it.
  • Before uploading check if your torrent meets the requirements in the Uploader Tutorial.
  • No porn is allowed on this tracker. If you are not sure, ask before you upload.
  • Make sure not to include any serial numbers, CD keys or similar in the description (you do not need to edit the NFO!).
  • Make sure your torrents are well-seeded for at least 24 hours or until there are 4 seeds.
  • Do not include the release date in the torrent name. Feel free to do so in the description.
  • If you have something interesting that somehow violate these rules (e.g. not ISO format), ask a mod and we might make an exception.


Getting started with torrenting and the site

  • What is BitTorrent? BitTorrent is a Peer-to-peer file sharing (P2P) communications protocol used to distribute large amounts of data. The initial distributor of the complete file or collection acts as the first seed. Each peer who downloads the data also uploads them to other peers. Relative to standard internet hosting, this provides a significant reduction in the original distributor's hardware and bandwidth resource costs. It also provides redundancy against system problems and reduces dependence on the original distributor. (Taken from Wikipedia)
  • Can I use any BitTorrent client? We have limited what clients may be used with our tracker for many safety reasons. Before upgrading your client you should check the Allowed Client List. The list of allowed clients can be found here.
  • Where does the donated money go to? All donated money is put towards the server costs of hosting To donate and help us bear the server charges please use the Paypal donate button on the left. In addition to knowing they have helped keep Blackcats alive and running, members who donate £5 get a shiny star next to their username and special Seed Points bonuses as detailed in the Seed Points FAQ
  • I want to know more about torrents, what should I do? There are still a couple sites you can access to know more about BitTorrent. Wikipedia will give you a general understanding, Brian's BitTorrent FAQ and Guide has detailed information about torrenting, Anatomy of a Torrent Session will give you more information regarding how a torrent session works and both TorrentStrike and TBDev will give you more information on the source code. And, obviously, let's not forget good old Google

Information about our main systems and classes

  • Registrations. Blackcats-Games is semi-open right now. As members get pruned more members are being let in. Tell those you know who want to join, to check the tracker's homepage periodically to sign up and register.
  • How do I give out or use a referal? Currently there are NO referrals being given to ANY member. We are semi-open, so those interested need to check the tracker's homepage regularly to see if we are allowing new members.
  • I forgot my password and user name. What should I do? You will need to use the Password Recovery feature. Logout and login screen. Simply click the "Recover Account" link and then input your email into the box. Your password and keyword should be reset and sent to your email.
  • I forgot my email so I cannot use recover. what should I do now? Your going to have to change your email. You can either PM the Staffbox or join #help on our IRC server
  • I used recover but I am not getting the email. What am I doing wrong? Give it some time, it could take quite some time to arrive. Also make sure you spelled your email right in the box provided, with no spaces before or after the email, and with proper capitlization. You should also check your spambox, your email settings and email filters. If you are using an email client like Outlook or Thunderbird, it might be doing something. Some email providers also might be blocking our emails such as Yahoo and Hotmail. There are countless of problems that could happen, just try again and if it does not work, it is a problem on your end. In that case you can join the #help channel on our IRC server.
  • I got the email but the keyword is not working. What should I do? This happens sometimes, so just do another recover and it should work. If that does not work, try clearing your cookies and cache.
  • 'I want to change my email. How can I do that? You need to message the Staffbox stating your old email, the new one and mention a valid reason for changing it. Yahoo and Hotmail accounts are still not allowed 'because they don't work with the referral system well.
  • I want to change my user name. Who should I talk to? Nobody. We don't rename accounts unless your user name is either composed only by numbers or something indecent (check in our Rules). Don't ask for account name changes outside of the two reasons specified here unless it's very good.
  • I want to delete my account. How can I do that? You just can't. If you don't want to use your account anymore, then don't use it at all and it will be deleted for inactivity after 60 days.
  • What are the User Classes? Our members are divided into classes to reward those who dedicate time and resources to our community. The privileges are cumulative, which means that a certain class have also the privileges of lower classes.

Kitty Litter

This is a demoted class for members who have downloaded more than 7GB, with a global ratio of 0.4 or less, or have accumulated enough Hit and Runs. Members of this class are unable to download new torrents, but they may at any time re-download any torrents that they have already downloaded before in order to seed them back. To return to User status they must raise their global ratio to over 0.4, and fix their Hit and Runs.


This is the standard class that every member starts off as.


This status is given with Staff discretion to people who contribute to the site and we want to recognize for their support, so don't ask staff to become VIP.

Forum Moderator

Outstanding members in forums appointed by Staff to maintain the forums. They are selected by staff and sometimes application will be posted if needed. Don't ask to become staff.


Outstanding members chosen by staff to moderate and maintain the tracker and forum. Don't ask to become one, we'll ask you!


There can be only one.

  • How can I get promoted to higher classes? Here you can find what to do if you want to go up in the Blackcats-Games food chain.

Kitty Litter

Lowest class for members who fail to meet their seeding or Hit and Run obligations.


The default class of new members. Users can request, upload, comment etc.


Title given by Staff to members who have contributed a lot to both site and community.

Forum Moderator

They are responsible for maintaining the forums, and can edit and close any topic they deem inappropriate on the forums.


Moderators are responsible for maintaining the tracker. They can edit and delete any torrent that needs to be dealt with, and are responsible for helping out members around the site.


Can do just about anything, and are responsible for the general running of the site. They also help out other members and assist other staff.


Overviews general site running and assists with higher moderation duties.


They are responsible for most of the site's unique features and maintain the site, tracker, forum, and IRC.


Site owner.

  • What is a Hit and Run? A hit and run is a completed torrent with a ratio under 0.700 and is marked with the icon in your torrent history and it's a torrent that you are not seeding currently. They are bad and you must fix them as soon as possible. Keep in mind Hit and Runs are not the same as Hit and Run points.
  • What is a seeding Hit and Run? A seeding Hit and Run is a Hit and Run that you happen to be seeding, and they are marked with the icon in your Torrent History. You should keep seeding those until their ratios are above 0.700. Remember that accumulating too many Hit and Runs will demote you into Kitty Litter class. Again, keep in mind that Seeding Hit and Runs are not the same as Hit and run points.
  • What are those Hit and Run points? Every single Hit and Run you have gives you Hit and Run points. Adding up these points is one of the determining factors in deciding what user class you belong to. Don't ask how the Hit and Run points are calculated, because the goal is having no Hit and Runs at all, and only Staff will know this information, or else it will be abused.
  • I was demoted to Kitty Litter, why? If your global ratio is above 0.4, then it is because you have too many Hit and Runs. Our system calculates the maximum allowed number of Hit and Runs you can have depending on how many completed torrents you have in your history.
  • I got a warning for my low ratio, why? If you have downloaded over 4GB and your global ratio drops at any point below 0.400, you will receive a site issued Leech Warning. If your ratio is not raised to over 0.75 within 4 weeks (28 days) from the day you have been warned, your account will become automatically disabled, no exception so don't ask to be re-enabled, 28 days is plenty of time, especially with Seed Points.
  • Can I download part of the torrent and seed it to increase my ratio? No, it is against the rules, and you will be warned for doing so, and if you do not fix your incomplete torrents by the end of the warning or at least put in an effort, you will be banned. By partially leeching, you are ruining the system for everyone else who wishes to use Seed Points system. You are only allowed to Partially leech on specific torrents, such as some packs.
  • Can I invite somebody? At the moment, the only way to invite someone is by using the referral system. Refer to the second question of this FAQ.
  • Can I trade my referrals? Trading referrals or accounts is NOT allowed. If caught, you and anyone you referred will be banned. Also, the user who referred you will be punished.
  • Can I trade or share my account? No and yes. You can only share accounts with people living with you, such as a family member, or a roommate. And if you do, you must notify us, so leave us a Staffbox message saying so. If you are caught sharing with someone from another country, you will be banned.
  • What is considered trading and sharing an account? Trading accounts is exchanging your Blackcats account for another member's account in another tracker. Those deals are usually done in known forums and all of those are monitored by Staff.
  • I am switching ISP's or moving to another country, do I need to do anything first? Yes, you need to inform us. Just send the staffbox a message telling us and that should be enough.
  • Can I use a seedbox? Yes you can use a seedbox, and you do not need to tell us about it either, we know what's a seedbox and what is not.
  • Can I share a seedbox with my friend? Yes you can share it, just make sure the same torrent is not running twice on the same IP, or else weird bugs happen where only one person gets all the upload, and we won't do anything about it. Also, it could appear as cheating to us, so both you're accounts could get banned.
  • Can I use two torrent clients on the same torrent to increase my upload speed? No, and it is considered cheating because it messes with the announces, expect a ban if you do this.
  • How often are accounts deleted? Unparked accounts are deleted automatically after 60 days of not logging in and parked accounts are deleted after 90 days of not logging in.
  • Do I need to use the account? Yes! Inactive accounts will be banned. We don't have any hard rules, but you should be downloading at least a few torrents a month. We have the right to decide wether your account is active enough, but as a start, be sure to download something once you sign up.
  • How do I request a torrent? Everyone has 2 request slots, and you can use them in the Requests section, and keep in mind the Request rules.
  • How do I upload a torrent? Refer to Adultery's, tsftd's and Dunkrok's uploading guide and keep in mind the Uploading guidelines.

The main aspects of your account

  • How can I see my status? If you look at the top of this page, you will see something like this:


First thing you will see is your username, click on it and it will take you to your User Details. Then comes your global download amount followed by your global upload amount. Then comes your global ratio, which is calculated by dividing your global upload by your global download. Then it tells you how many torrents you are currently seeding and leeching. Then comes your download limit, which is how many torrents you can leech at any one time.

  • How can I see the details of my account? To access your account details, you will need to click on your user name which is in the top of this page, or you could go to Personal then Details from the top navigation bar if you are using the alt theme, or from the left navigation bar on other themes.
  • Where are the torrents I am seeding and leeching? Those are listed in the account details page and there you can also see your full torrent history, something like this:

Faq 02

  • I can see the details of my torrents, what do they mean? When you click in one of the available links (Leeching, Seeding, Uploaded Torrents or Torrent History), you will see something like this:

Faq 03 v2

  • Each field is explained below:

  1. Name is the torrent name, it's in blue.
  2. Active means you are either running the torrent in your client or not. It can assume the values Active or Inactive.
  3. Complete means that you finished downloading the torrent. It can assume the values of Complete or Incomplete. Remember that you shouldn't have any Incomplete torrents unless you are downloading them or they are some sort of pack where partial leeching is allowed.
  4. Size is the original size of the torrent.
  5. Seeds is the number of seeders on the torrent. A seeder is a member who is uploading the torrent, and has completed downloading the files.
  6. Leechers is the number of leechers on the torrent. A leecher is a member who is downloading the torrent.
  7. Last Announce is the period of time since your client last sent an announce to the tracker on that torrent.
  8. Created is the amount of time since you were first active on the torrent.
  9. Timespent is how long have you been active on the torrent in total, so it's the sum of all your consecutive sessions of seeding and leeching the torrent.
  10. Downloaded is the amount of data you have downloaded so far for that torrent.
  11. Uploaded is the amount of data you have uploaded so far for that torrent.
  12. SP Upload is how much upload you gained on that torrent from the Seed Point System.
  13. Ratio is the individual ratio for that torrent. Always pay attention to this number, because it is very important.
  14. SP/Conn. is the amount of Seed Points you have collected so far and your connectability status. Please refer to the Seed Points FAQ for more detail.
  15. Cost is the torrent cost in the Seed Points system. Please refer to the Seed Points FAQ for more detail.

  • What is this SP Overview page? You can access it from your profile, and it tells you everything you will need to know about Seed Points on your torrents. It looks like this:

Faq 04

  • Each field is explained below:
  1. Torrent Name is obviously the name of the torrent.
  2. Torrent Ratio is the ratio you have on that torrent.
  3. S/L Ratio is the number of seeders divided by the number of leechers.
  4. Active Time is the amount of time you have been active on that particular torrent.
  5. Connectable? is either Yes or No and just shows wether you are connectable on that torrent or not.
  6. Comments is an indication if you pass the four requirements needed to start gaining Seed Points and they are: Seed Limit: You must not be seeding more than the limit, which is 999 so you can ignore this. S/L Ratio: The Seeder to Leecher ratio must be 20 or less. Active Time: You must have met the required active time, which is 72 hours (3 days) for torrents bigger than 800MB, and 36 hours (1 day and 12 hours) for any torrent below 800MB. Torrent Ratio: The torrent ratio on that torrent must be below 1.000 to be eligible for seed points since they don't do anything beyond giving you a 1.000 ratio.*PPH/ETA is how many points per hour you are gaining on that certain torrent, and ETA is how long it will take for you to get a 1.000 ratio on that torrent if you keep this rate going.
  7. SP is how many Seed Points you currently have on that certain torrent.
  8. SP Status just shows either a X if you are not getting Seed Points on it, or a T if you are getting Seed Points on it.

  • Why is my torrent not appearing in the SP Overview screen? It needs to be an active torrent firstly, or else it won't appear there. It also needs to be a finished torrent, you have to download it fully and make sure it's not being flagged as a leeching torrent by the tracker.
  • Why are my Seed Points reseting/decreasing? If you don't seed a torrent for 24 hours the seed points on it start to decrease.
  • Why are my status on site different than the status on my client? The only important thing is the site status, no matter what your client says. Sometimes your client can't communicate with the tracker and when that happens, you lose the data uploaded and downloaded from your last announce (your client announces your partial status to the tracker every 30 minutes by default). There are a few reasons for that to happen:
  1. You get disconnected.
  2. You don't stop your torrent properly (e.g. by killing the client's process).
  3. Something is blocking your connection to the tracker (e.g. a firewall).
  4. The tracker is offline.
  5. Your connection with the tracker timed out for some other reason.
  6. If you are sharing a seedbox, and your friend and you run the same torrent at the same time on the same IP, one of the users loses the upload while the other gets it all.

  • I stopped a torrent but it is still active in my torrent history, why? Some clients don't report properly to the tracker when canceling or finishing a torrent. In that case the tracker will keep waiting for some message - and thus listing the torrent as seeding or leeching - until some timeout occurs. Just ignore it, it will eventually go away, but if it takes too long to go away, manually start the torrent and then stop it again, manually. Always make sure you exit your client properly, so that the tracker receives the last announce from your client.
  1. Tracker: go to your Profile, look for a field named "Avatar URL" and add it there.
  2. Forums: under "My Controls", go to Edit Avatar Settings, look for a field named "Enter a URL to an online avatar image" and add it there. You can alternatively use the "Upload a new image from your computer" option, but that is only available in the forums.

  • How do I add/change my forum signature? Just like your avatar, the picture you want to use as signature should be first available on the internet. There are a couple options to upload your picture, like Photobucket, Upload-It! or ImageShack. After that, copy the picture url and you are ready to use it as signature. Under "My Controls", go to Edit Signature, and in the text box you can type a text as your signature or use the BB Code to include a picture (e.g. [img]http://www.url_of_your_picture.jpg[/img]).
  • What is that little badge next to my user name? When you see this badge (Icon badge) right next to your user name, congratulations, it means you have a perfect torrent history, that is, no Hit and Runs at all. We recognise this achievement by awarding you the Badge of Honour.
  • What is that star next to my user name? When you see this star (Star) right next to your user name, thank you for donating and helping to support our site. Take your time to read the advantages you get on the Seed Points system here.
  • I don't have any Hit and Runs so where is my Badge of Honour? There could be several reasons for this. To begin with you might have problems on your end, so close down your torrent client for 30 minutes then start it again. If that doesn't work, it could be that you have too many partial downloads so you have to redownload them and seed them.
  • Why have I been demoted to Kitty Litter if my ratio is good? If you have a good global ratio and still can't download new torrents, you are Kitty Litter because of your Hit and Runs but it is pretty easy to seed them back. Have a read at the Seed Points FAQ and you'll see how easy it is to get out of the Kitty Litter status. If you don't have the files any longer, please go to Oh, no, I lost the files I was seeding, what can I do now?
  • There, you will find useful tips on what to do.

Everything you wanted to know about leeching

  • How can I download a torrent? First, you need an allowed BitTorrent client installed on your computer. Please, refer to the Allowed Client List. Then, you need to go to the Browse page and choose a torrent you would like to download. After that, you need to download the .torrent file from the site by clicking on the icon and save it in your computer. Now, you can open it in your BitTorrent client, choose the folder to save the files in and start downloading what you want. Once the download is finished, don't forget to seed back what you got!
  • The site is not recording what I am downloading. Why? When this happens, try to redownload the .torrent file from the site and start it again in your client. If it still doesn't work, try checking if your firewall and router allow torrent traffic and whatever filters you might have set up. If your not sure or if it still dosen't work, ask on the forums, or join #help on our IRC channel, or send a message to the staffbox, although IRC would be the fastest method.
  • My client says I am banned! Why? Pay attention to the error message, because it actually says your client is banned but not you. To fix this problem, see the Allowed Client List and install a proper one.
  • I have no download slots. Why does it say "torrent limit 0"? This happens for either three reasons: Either the system disabled them because you have a low ratio or you have too many Hit and Runs, or staff might have disabled them (Most likely for partially leeching, in this case, work on your incomplete torrents and complete them). If your not sure why they are disabled, ask staff at the usual places (Forums, IRC, Staffbox). If you have a low ratio, you should fix it. If you have too many Hit and Runs, you should seed those back, and if you can't, read the Seed Point FAQ which will tell you all about and what to do in cases concerning Hit and Runs. If staff disabled them for partially leeching just complete your incomplete torrents.
  • Why is not a torrent showing up as active anymore? There are some reasons for when you don't find an active torrent anymore on the tracker.
  1. Check the log before panicing as alot of times this will shed some light on the issue you might be having. The log can be found here:
  2. The Uploader is having some problem with his/her connection and the torrent went dead (which means no seeders).
  3. The torrent didn't comply with the site Rules, and was deleted or nuked.
  4. The torrent was deleted for being a bad release. Another torrent may be uploaded in its place.
  5. Dead torrents (with no seeders and leechers) get deleted from time to time by Staff.

Note: if it is not a new torrent and it has no seeders, then you can go to the torrent page and click on a link called "Request for Reseed". That will send out an automatic message to all users who have already downloaded that torrent, asking them to come back and help out by seeding it again. That link is only visible when the torrent is dead, please don't abuse it by pressing it all the time.

  • I downloaded something by mistake, and now my history looks messy. Can you remove it? Nope, we do not remove partially leeched torrents from your history. Also, if you read the rules you would know that partial leeching is not allowed so you will have to download the full thing and seed it back.
  • What is a recycled torrent? A recycled torrent is one that has been online for a long time and is refreshed to the front page so more people know about it and hopefully enjoy it. They are marked by the Recycle30 icon and are "freeleech". The only catch is that you have to seed them back, but there is no wait time for SP. Once seed points finish their job your download will be taken off and you will end up with 0KB down effectively making it freeleech. If there are 2 recycled icons then it has been recycled twice, nothing more to it.
  • I want to download this torrent but it has no seeds and I sent a reseed request.some time ago. What can I do? You can send a message to the staffbox informing us. We'll delete the torrent so you can request the game.
  • How do I resume a broken download? If your download fails and you need to redownload the .torrent file, all you have to do is remove the old torrent from your client queue, redownload the .torrent file, open it in your client, point it to the folder where you started to download the files to and wait for a hash check. After that, you should start downloading from where you stopped last time.
  • My download speed is too slow, why? There are many reasons for your download speed to be slow. Here you can find the main ones:
  1. Your download speed (the one limited by your ISP) might be already in its limit. To be sure of your speed limits, run a test in SpeedTest or
  2. You might be unconnectable.
  3. There might be not enough seeders, so be patient.
  4. The few seeders are seeding many other torrents, so all you can do is to be patient.
  5. Cap your maximum upload speed at something around 90% of your connection capacity. If you are seeding at top speed, your speeds (both download and upload) become unstable.
  6. Limit your maximum simultaneous connections. There are no fixed values for this, but try 60 or 100 and see if there is any gain.
  7. You might be getting capped by your ISP, if this is the case, your just going to have to be patient until it's gone. If your not sure, you can run a speedtest, just check the first point for two good Speedtests and compare it with your ISP package, or phone them up.

  • Why most of the time do my torrents get slower to download when they are almost finished? Torrent download and upload speeds are based on the users connected to that specific torrent. When a torrent is recently uploaded and there are a lot of leechers, you will probably get high speeds in the beginning of your download, because many other users in the swarm have the pieces you are trying to download. The closer you get to finishing the download, the harder it is to find users with the few missing pieces you need to download without counting the full seeders. At this point, your download speeds might drop but your upload speeds might be high, since other users have started downloading the torrent and want to download the same pieces you have now. In short, be patient and don't ask for seeds in torrent comments. You will get what you want in time.
  • Why am I getting errors in my client? If something is not working as it should be in your torrent (e.g. it is red in your client queue), you need to check the "Tracker Status" field and see what it says to you. If you get the error "Register at and redownload this torrent", it means that you neither downloaded the torrent from Blackcats-Games site or that you are not a registered member. Either way, you will only be able to stop receiving that error by downloading the .torrent file from the site. For other errors, there is a dictionary of Common 'BitTorrent 'Error Messages that will give you explanation on most of the errors you can get.
  • I got enough download slots but it seems I can't reach the limit. What's wrong? This happens when you are seeding or leeching a torrent and it gets nuked by staff for whatever reason. It removes everyone's download amount on that torrent and the members affected lose a download slot. This is solved by a tracker reset, they do happen but not at regular intervals, so your just going to have to be patient until one does happen.
  • Why does the site/client say I downloaded more than the torrent original size? Sometimes, your client needs to redownload a part of the torrent because:
  1. Your client receives bad data from a peer.
  2. Your files are getting corrupted by your computer. Most of the time it is either your hard disk drive (use scan disk to check your HDD integrity) or a faulty memory stick (use memtest86 to check your RAM integrity).
  1. Always remember that what the site says is what matters and if you downloaded more, you have to seed more.
  • How do I bookmark a torrent to download it later? If you want to download a torrent but not until later, and you don't want to forget it, the best thing to do is to bookmark it. There are currently two ways to bookmark a torrent:
  1. Go to the Browse page, look at the "BM" column, then click on Book open and the torrent will become bookmarked.
  2. On the torrent details page, in the field called "Download" (right after the torrent file name), click on Book open and the torrent will become bookmarked.
  3. After that, you can always go back to see the torrents you have bookmarked so far by clicking on a link named "Bookmarks" in the site menu.

  • What do I do with the torrents I downloaded from here? First of all, seed them back. That is a very important step. Once finished the download, you will notice some files with one of the follwing extensions: .rar .r01 .001. You need to unpack them with WinRAR, which is not freeware. You could use 7zip to extract them, which is free, and many other programs do that aswell. On Linux, you can just use the rar or unrar commands. They could also come in .7z or .7z.001 .7z.002 .7z.003 which are 7zip archives split. To extract those, you can use 7zip, which is free, or WinRAR could do it. On Linux you can just use the p7zip command. After unpacking the files, you may see image files, which are indentical copies of Floppy/CD/DVD/BluRay media. Those files can have some of the following extensions:
  1. .bin and .cue are the standard image files for CDs. They are always together and the .cue file is always smaller. Use the .cue file to burn it into a CD.
  2. .iso is the most common image format and can be burned with almost all burning programs.
  3. .dvd and .iso are mostly used for XBOX360 images which need to have the layer-break set for the dual-layer DVD. Use the .dvd file to burn it into a DVD-DL.
  4. .nrg is the image file generated by Nero. It works the same way as the .iso image.
  5. .mds and .mdf are the images generated by Alcohol 120%. Use the .mds file to burn the media.
  6. .mds and .iso are images generated by ImgBurn.

For all those images, it is recommended to use ImgBurn as your burning software and good quality medias (such as Verbatim). There is also an option of mounting the image files in virtual drives. The best way to do that is by using DAEMON Tools (be careful when installing Daemon Tools as it tries to get you to install toolbars and other programs that you dont need) or Alcohol 120% also has the option to virtually mount if you have it installed. Sometimes, you can also find other types of files:

  1. .nfo is a text file with basic information about the torrent and some installation instructions, if necessary. Open it with any text file reader (e.g. NotePad). If you want a dedicated NFO reader for Windows, you can try DAMN NFO Reader.
  2. .sfv is a file wich stores checksum of the .rar files of a particular torrent. They are good to check integrity of .rar files once the download is finished. You may use programs like QuickSFV to check their integrity and in case you find a corrupted part, you can always redownload it.
  3. .md5 files are sometimes used which also store checksums of the files.

All secrets about seeding revealed

  • I have just finished my download, what should I do now? The easy and short answer is: seed. Always seed back your torrents because that is how sharing works: if you downloaded a torrent, it was because another member was there seeding it to you, and you need it to seed it to at least 0.700 but luckily Seed Points can help you reach 1.000 with no effort.
  • My upload speed is too slow, why? There are many reasons for your upload speed to be slow. Here you can find the main ones:
  1. Your upload speed (the one limited by your ISP) might be already in its limit. To be sure of your speed limits, run a test in SpeedTest or
  2. You might be unconnectable.
  3. The torrent might already have a lot of seeders. Always keep an eye on the amount of seeders and leechers in the torrent you are seeding, because most of the time you get bad upload speeds due to lack of leechers. Hopefully, the torrent will become eligible for Seed Points, as you can read in the Seed Points FAQ.
  4. Check your client's configuration. Sometimes you might have just reconfigured it and set a bad value by mistake, like setting the max amount of connections to 10, or set the max upload to 2KB/s so always check.

  • I already have the files, how can I seed them? First of all, you need to be sure if your files really match the ones on our tracker. The safest way to know this is by checking the Scene Release of that torrent you are trying to seed. Further information about The Scene can be found here. Once you know the rar files in the tracker are the same files that you already have in your computer, all you have to do is download the .torrent file from here, open it in your client, point it to the folder where your downloaded files are and wait for a hash check. After that, you should start seeding the torrent if the files are the same. Always remember that, since you didn't download that torrent from Blackcats-Games, the individual torrent ratio will be infinite (Inf.).
  • I have some parts of the scene release, can I seed those? No you cannot, because Partial Leeching is not allowed and doing this will result in the torrent being flagged as incomplete by the site. It is only okay on Packs where the Seeder/Leecher ratio has been removed.
  • Can I repack a game I burned into the original rar files? No. It is nearly impossible to achieve the same CRC check in the rar files.
  • Oh, no, I lost the files I was seeding, what can I do now? Even if you lost the files you were seeding, either by accident or incautiousness, you need to seed them back to at least 0.700. Read Deleted Files Before Seeding? Read This and you will read some interesting suggestions.
  • What do "Conn." and "Unconn." mean? That is a measurement of how easy it is to connect to you and the torrents you are currently running.
  • I received a message asking for reseed, what should I do? That message you have just received is an automated one which is sent by the system whenever a user requests for reseed on a torrent with 3 or less seeders. If you still have the files, help seed them, but if you don't have the files any longer, just ignore the message.
  • Why is the torrent I am seeding a Hit and Run? All completed torrents with individual ratios below 0.700 are considered Hit and Runs, even if they are being seeded, to avoid abuse from users who used to seed too many torrents at the same time, just to not get demoted. Although it is a Hit and Run, the torrent is marked with a Smdanger-grn which means it is a "Seeded Hit and Run" and a good thing.
  • When can I safely stop seeding my torrents? It depends on where you want to get to. If you just want to meet the Rules, once the torrent reaches an individual ratio of 0.800, you can stop it without worries. If you think again, you will notice that nobody will be able to get anything working if only 0.700 of a torrent is downloaded from you, which is why a good goal is to seed up to 1.000, specially with the Seed Points system that gives you 1.000 on eligible torrents. There is also no maximum limit for individual torrent ratios, just use common sense and think that other members also need to seed their torrents, so give them a chance when you reach a reasonable ratio. Note: some members prefer to burn the entire torrent into medias, as it is a permanent backup in case something happen to their game disc or they want to give a copy of the game to someone else. It also means that they have the files on hand if a reseed request comes through.
  • What does "Inf." mean? "Inf." stands for infinite. It means you downloaded 0 bytes of a torrent and uploaded some amount on it.
  • What does "---" mean? "---" stands for unavailable. It means you downloaded some amount and uploaded 0 bytes of a torrent.

Tips and tricks for our Uploaders

  • I want to upload new torrents to the tracker. How can I do that? You can start off by reading Adultery's, tsftd's and Dunkyrok's excellent uploading guide and keep in mind the uploading guidelines.
  • Can I upload torrents from other trackers here? From our point of view, yes. It is just how file sharing should be. But since you are getting it from somewhere else, you need to respect the other site's point of view and Rules. If they allow it, then you are good to go. If they don't allow it, you should respect their wishes.
  • How do I make a torrent? That's a very important question. You should know how to make a torrent before uploading a game. You should read Adultery's, tsftd's and Dunkyrok's uploading guide, it covers everything about uploading a torrent.
  • I'm trying to upload a torrent but I get an Upload Failed error. What did I do wrong? Make sure that when you created the torrent you had an Announce URL and that there wasen't too many chunks, so try decreasing the amount if possible. Also you might wanna try using another program, sometimes some versions of some clients make bad torrents or something so it could be worth a try.

This is your last resource

If you can't get your answers in this FAQ, you are free to look for help in one of the following channels:

  • Posting a question in our forums.
  • Sending a message to the Staff Box.
  • Sending a private message to your favorite Staff member.
  • Joining IRC and asking your question in the help channel, which you can access by typing the command: /join #help

Seed Points FAQ

The Idea behind this is:

If you get on a torrent early, and you upload while your downloading, and upload after you finish, you will never need SP.

But if you jump on a torrent later, and you cant upload because there is not enough leechers, you will not get banned, because the system gives you a 1 ratio, for just staying on the torrent.

And its not months of waiting for another leecher to show up.

The Seed Points mod is a brilliant and unique system, designed and implemented by altinertia to assist the Blackcats members maintain good account histories, even on troublesome torrents. All the credit goes to him.

Note: If you pose a question or comment about this system, please do not quote this original post in its entirety, only a specific area you are curious about. Thanks.

For an easier read, check out the Seed Points FAQ for Newbies.

What is the purpose of the Seed Points mod?

While leaving torrents running after completion until they have reached a ratio of at least 1.0 by uploading to others is the preferable means of seeding, at times it becomes difficult to do so.

In particular, there are times when after completing a download, members will be left with no downloaders to seed to, or, on newer, popular torrents, there may be so many seeds compared to the number of downloaders that they are unable to connect with them to seed properly. This is where Seed Points will help them.

The system is designed to assist the members by raising their ratios and awarding them upload credit on those difficult torrents, following a set of strict criteria, exemplified below:

What are the conditions necessary to receive Seed Points?

1. The member must have completed the entire download. Downloading only part of a torrent's data will not allow them to gain Seed Points. This is particularly of note for torrents that are sets such as NDS ROMs where they sometimes only download a few of the games within the pack, but in that circumstance, no matter how much they seed to other members, they will always be considered a downloader by the tracker, and hence will not earn any Seed Points.

2. Their ratio on a torrent must be below 1.0 in order to gain Seed Points. If they wish to continue to raise the ratio on a completed torrent after it has reached 1.0, they may only do so by actually uploading data to the downloaders.

3. They must not be the torrent's uploader.

4. They must be connected to and active on the torrent in question.

5. The torrent must have a proportion of seeders to downloaders of either 20:1, or 0 downloaders.

That means that provided the other criteria are met, they will always gain Seed Points on a torrent that has 0 downloaders, regardless of the number of seeders.

Seed Points are then awardable based upon 1 additional downloader for every 20 seeders. To illustrate these statutes by example:

X seeds with 0 downloaders = Seed Points

20 seeds with 1 downloader = Seed Points

40 seeds with 2 downloaders = Seed Points

60 seeds with 3 downloaders = Seed Points

and so forth

6. Due to their contributions to the site, Donors have fewer restrictions on this policy and are bestowed the points no matter what the number of peers is.

7. Also, please note that this condition may be removed from certain torrents, for example ROM packs. This decision is made by staff to make downloading easier and more appealing to a greater number of users, and can not be influenced by posting, asking or begging, so do not even try.

You can now seed a maximum of 999 torrents regardless of your class and still receive Seed Points. Unlike in the past, the number of torrents you seed does not now restrict whether or not you will receive Seed Points.

The torrent must have passed 72 hours (3 days) active time. Check the 'Seed Points time restriction' requirements in a section that follows for full details.

If a member is seeding their maximum number of allowed torrents to qualify for Seed Points, do they get the points on all of them?

No. There is a set limit of 10 torrents that may earn Seed Points at any one time. For example, if a User is seeding 12 torrents, all of which qualify for Seed Points by the other requirements, they will only be issued Seed Points on 10 of them at each update.

The basic philosophy most members should employ is download torrents up to the maximal number allowed by their class, and leave those running until they are seeded back fully. Only then proceed with newer torrents.

How are the 2 torrents which earn Seed Points determined?

The system will automatically select the 10 torrents with the lowest ratios, and give the points to them. If the ratios are different during a subsequent assignment period, then whichever 10 are the lowest at that time will then be selected and awarded points.

How is the cost of a torrent's Seed Points calculated?

The initial cost for a torrent is based upon the size of the torrent. For every 100MB in size the torrent's data is, the cost will increase by 1 point, but there is also a minimum cost of 10 points for any torrent.


1GB or less = 10 points
2GB torrent = 20 points
3GB torrent = 30 points
3.5GB torrent = 35 points

Does the cost change when members upload to their peers?

Yes. A torrent will start with its base cost, but as the member uploads data to other peers, the system will record the amount, and lower the cost of the torrent proportionally for the member based upon how much they have uploaded. The more the member uploads, the lesser the cost will be for them, but there will always be the minimum cost of 8.

What are the time constraints for beginning to earn Seed Points?

The general principle of torrenting is to begin a torrent, and leave it running continuously through completion until it has been seeded back in its entirety. Those who do follow that mandate will gain the most from the Seed Points mod.

While it is possible to earn enough Seed Points to level their torrents without being connected for the duration of the torrent, there are alterations made when members disconnect from seeding torrents, and an initial time delay they must pass to be eligible for the points.

There is an initial time restraint of 72 hours for all torrents in regards to Seed Points; As soon as a member first starts a torrent, the time is logged by the system. From that point forward, there will be no issued Seed Points for at least 72 hours of active time on it, no matter how long the downloading portion of the torrent's lifespan is.

For torrents smaller than 800MB in size, the initial time restraint is 36 hours.


User 'A' downloads a torrent, and finishes downloading in 10 hours. No Seed Points would be possible on that torrent for another 62 hours of active time on the torrent. 72 - 10 > 0

User 'B' downloads a torrent, and finishes downloading in 72 hours. Seed Points are immediately available. 72 - 72 = 0

User 'C' downloads a torrent, and finishes downloading in 80 hours. Seed Points are immediately available. 72 - 80 < 0

Donors also get a Seed Points bonus for this condition.

To reiterate: Members of all classes, must pass 72 hours, 3 days, of active time on a torrent before Seed Points will be available, unless that torrent is smaller than 800MB, then all classes must pass 36 hours. Donors must wait only 36 hours or 18 hours for torrents under 800MB. Members of all classes may check their active time by clicking on 'Currently seeding' link in their account details.

Once a member begins earning Seed Points, what happens if they disconnect from the torrent?

The amount of Seed Points a member has earned is saved by the system, if the member disconnects. When the member returns to seeding the torrent, they will begin earning Seed Points again, starting from the amount they had when they left.

There is a condition; however, anytime a member remains away from a torrent which was earning Seed Points, after being disconnected from the torrent for 24 hours, their saved Seed Points will be reduced by 0.125 points per 15 minute cycle, 0.5 points per hour of inactivity, until they return to seeding it.

How often are points issued?

The system updates point values once every 15 minutes.

How many points are given at any one time?

All members regardless of connectivity will be given 1.5 points per hour or .375 points per 15 minute interval.

Is the Seed Point mod something I need to download or install?

No. The Seed Point mod is strictly a server side application. All you must do is continue to seed your torrents, according to the stipulated guidelines.

When is it alright to stop seeding a torrent?

There is currently no penalty for abandoning a torrent once its ratio has reached 0.7, but it is best to obtain at least 1.0, and, with Seed Points, that is always possible. It is important to realize, though, that members must go by the statistics displayed in their site details page, not by what their clients indicate.

Where are the number of points and cost listed?

When members go into their user details page by either clicking on Details in the Personal menu or their name along the stats menu, they have access to lists of their previous and current torrents. If they click on the Currently seeding link they will see something similar to this:

Se. and Le. values are the numbers of seeds and leeches. This is where members may check on the seed to downloader requirement for Seed Point availability.

Upl. and Down. Show the amount of data the tracker has recorded for the torrent's uploaded and downloaded amounts.

Ratio is the member's current ratio on that torrent.

Comp. means whether the member has completed downloading the torrent or not. It has a yes or no value.

mtime is the time the tracker last received a member's client's announce.

ctime is the time the system logged the member first beginning the torrent.

Active Time is the total amount of time a member has been connected to the torrent. Here is where the members should be checking for the 72 hour default before Seed Points are available.

SP/Conn. shows the number of Seed Points the member has accrued up to that time. If no number is displayed in this field, then the torrent does not qualify for Seed Points. The Conn. Portion displays whether they are connectable with the tracker or not.

Cost is exactly that: the cost in Seed Points the torrent needs to be leveled. If --- is showing in this field, then Seed Points are not being awarded currently.

Alternatively, there is a quick check link in members' history entitled, "SP Overview." Following this link will give the member a layout of all the torrents they are seeding, whether the torrents are eligible for Seed Points and why or why not. Here is an example of the SP Overview:

Torrent Ratio shows the member what that particular torrent's ratio has reached. Remember, only ratios less then 1.0 will qualify for Seed Points.

S/L Ratio is the proportion of seeders to leechers. To qualify for Seed Points, the ratio must be greater then or equal to 20, unless the member in question is a Donor for whom this criteria is ignored.

Active Time is the amount of time the tracker has recorded the member actually connected to the torrent. Seed Points are only available on torrents that which have passed 3 days active time or 1.5 days if the torrent is smaller than 800MB.

Again, for Donors, the value they need to reach is only 1.5 days or 0.75 day if the torrent is smaller than 800MB.

The Comments area lists exactly why or why not Seed Points are available for that torrent:

Seed Limit shows if the member is seeding more than their maximum allowed torrents according to their class. This is now set at 999 for all users so should not be a problem for anyone.

S/L ratio whether or not the torrent's proportion of seeds to leeches is at least 20.

Active Time shows if the torrent is less or greater then 3 days active time.

Torrent ratio is the torrent's current ratio which must be less then 1.0 to qualify for points.

The SP column displays how many points have been earned on the torrent to that point.

The Cost column is the number of points the member must earn for Seed Points to balance the torrent for them.

Seed Point status is an icon on whether or not the torrent is eligible for points. A green check-mark means it is, while a red 'X' means it is not.

The entire display is color coded. Items listed in green denote conditions that have been met, and make the torrent qualify for Seed Points. Information listed in red shows which criteria are not being met, preventing the torrent from earning points.

To put it succinctly: Only a torrent displaying all green information is eligible for Seed Points. This shows the member exactly the entire situation, and how to change things if necessary.

What happens when the number of Seed Points equals the Cost?

When this happens, during the next site update, within 15 minutes, the torrent's ratio will be set equal to 1.0, and the difference in the amount the member has downloaded minus the amount they have uploaded will be added to their global ratio.

What happens when a member downloads the same torrent's data more than once?

If a member downloads a torrent more than once, for instance to replace the files they lost during a computer failure while seeding, the amount they download will then be twice the normal torrent size, as will their obligation to seed it back; however, if Seed Points are utilized to balance the torrent, the member will get the full, double amount of credit added to their account.

PS: If after reading this FAQ you still have trouble to understand the system, please give a read at the Seed Points FAQ for Newbies

Seed Points Simplified

Welcome to the Seed Points FAQ for Newbies. This FAQ is intended to all users that still have not understood this amazing system yet.

So, let's start with the questions.

What is the Seed Points mod?

  1. Our Seed Points mod is an exclusive system that always helps the members to seed their torrents whenever the uploading conditions are too hard.
  2. Since the torrents run out of leechers very fast, sometimes it gets really difficult to seed back the torrent you have just downloaded.
  3. The Idea behind this is.
  4. If you get on a torrent early, and you upload while your downloading, and upload after you finish, you will never need SP.
  5. But if you jump on a torrent later, and you cant upload because there is not enough leechers, you will not get banned, because the system gives you a 1 ratio, for just staying on the torrent.
  6. And its not months of waiting for another leecher to show up.

How can I get the Seed Points?

There are some requirements that must be met so your torrent becomes eligible for the Seed Points mod. All the requirements must be met at the same time, otherwise you will not collect any Seed Points.

  1. You must have the full torrent downloaded. If you grab only a small part of it, you will never receive Seed Points.
  2. The individual ratio for the torrent you are seeding must be less than 1.000. If you have a torrent which ratio is Inf. (Infinite), you will not receive Seed Points too, because Infinite is higher than 1.000.
  3. You must not be the torrent Uploader.
  4. You must have the torrent active in your torrent history.
  5. You must have at least 72 hours of active time on the torrent. The active time is the total time that you spent connected to that torrent while downloading and seeding it. Only after the initial 72 hours of active time you will start receiving Seed Points. If the torrent has less than 800MB in size, then you will only need an active time of 36 hours to start collecting Seed Points.
  6. The seeder/leecher ratio must either be equal or higher than 20:1, which means 20 seeders for each leecher. If a torrent has 0 leechers, then you do not have to worry about how many seeders there are, because you will receive Seed Points anyway.

Let's see some examples:

Seeders Leechers Seeder/Leecher ratio Will I get Seed Points?
1 0 1/0 = Infinite Yes
10 0 10/0 = Infinite Yes
20 0 20/0 = Infinite Yes
20 1 20/1 = 20 Yes
20 2 20/2 = 10 No
30 0 30/0 = Infinite Yes
30 1 30/1 = 30 Yes
30 2 30/2 = 15 No
40 0 40/0 = Infinite Yes
40 1 40/1 = 40 Yes
40 2 40/2 = 20 Yes
40 3 40/3 = 13.3 No

  • You can now seed a maximum of 999 torrents regardless of your class and still receive Seed Points. Unlike in the past, the number of torrents you seed does not now restrict whether or not you will receive Seed Points.

Do I receive Seed Points for all torrents I am seeding at the same time?

No. You will only receive Seed Points for 10 torrents of all you are seeding. So, if you are a User and seeding 12 torrents at the same time, you will only receive Seed Points for 10 of them at the same time.
Those 10 torrents are automatically chosen by the system, being the ones with lowest individual ratios.

How many Seed Points do I get?

The amount of Seed Points you receive depends on your connection status.
If you are Connectable or Unconnectable, then you will receive 0.375 Seed Points each 15 minutes seeding the torrent.
It used to be if you were Unconnectable, then you will receive 0.0625 Seed Points each 15 minutes seeding the torrent, this is no longer the case.
Of course, the best option is to be Connectable since it allows you to connect to more peers while seeding.

===How long do I need to keep seeding and receiving Seed Points?

Every torrent has a Cost, which is how many points you will need to collect until you are done seeding it. That Cost is calculated automatically and based on the torrent original size.
For each 100MB in size, 1 point will be added to the torrent Cost, but there is a minimum Cost of 8 points.
So, if you have a torrent with 1GB in size, it's Cost will be 10. Torrents with 5Gb will have a Cost of 50 and so on. But a torrent with 500MB will have a Cost of 8, because of the minimum Cost.
Also, if you upload some data of the torrent while seeding it, that will be used to reduce the torrent Cost, but always respecting the minimum Cost.

What happens when I receive as many Seed Points as the torrent Cost?

When this happens, within 15 minutes, the individual ratio for the torrent will be set equal to 1.000, and the upload amount added to the torrent so it could become 1.000 will also be added to your global ratio.

Why do I have more Seed Points than the torrent Cost?

This will always happen when you have reached the torrent Cost, but the torrent is no longer eligible for Seed Points. In this case, you will have to keep seeding the torrent until it becomes eligible one last time, so you receive your credits.

When can I stop a torrent?

You can always stop a torrent if it has an individual ratio of at least 0.700. So, if you are collecting Seed Points for a torrent, the moment you have enough points to match the torrent Cost, it will have an individual ratio of 1.000, being safe for you to stop it.

Where can I see the Seed Points?

They are listed in your user details page. To access that page, you will have to click on your user name at the top left corner of the tracker site.


Then, click on the the link right next to the field "Currently seeding". The last two columns are used to show Seed Points info.


You can also click on the link "View SP details" to have more detailed info on the torrents you are seeding, regarding Seed Points.


Donors have privileges in many aspects of the Seed Points mod. For a full list of them, please read this: Donation Privilages

Icon badgeThe Badge of Honour Icon badge

What is it and how do I get it?

  • The Badge of Honour is given to those who have no unseeded Hit and Runs.
  • An unseeded Hit and Run shows in your torrent history with a Smdanger next to it.
  • A seeded Hit and Run shows in your "Currently Seeding" with a Smdanger-grn next to it, this is a good Hit and Run
  • If you seeded everything back to at least a .8 ratio and you do not have the Badge of Honor next to your name, STOP all torrents for 30 minutes and the Badge should appear.

Allowed Client List

The following clients are allowed. Anything not in this list will get an error that says it is Banned.

  • Azureus
  • Azureus
  • Azureus
  • Azureus
  • Azureus
  • Azureus
  • Azureus
  • Azureus
  • Azureus 3.1.X.X
  • Azureus 4.0.X.X
  • Azureus 4.1.X.X
  • Azureus 4.2.X.X
  • Azureus 4.3.X.X
  • Azureus 4.4.X.X

  • uTorrent 1.6.0
  • uTorrent 1.6.1
  • uTorrent 1.7.7
  • uTorrent 1.8.1
  • uTorrent 1.8.2
  • uTorrent 1.8.3
  • uTorrent 1.8.4
  • uTorrent 1.8.5
  • uTorrent 2.0.1
  • uTorrent 2.0.2

  • uTorrent Mac
  • uTorrent Mac 0.9.2
  • uTorrent Mac 0.9.3

  • Bitrocket 0.3.3(32)

  • Bittornado 0.3.17
  • Bittornado 0.3.18

  • BTG 0.9.6
  • BTG 0.9.7
  • BTG 0.9.8
  • BTG 0.9.9

  • Deluge
  • Deluge
  • Deluge
  • Deluge
  • Deluge 0.5.8.X
  • Deluge 0.5.9.X
  • Deluge 1.0.X
  • Deluge 1.1.X
  • Deluge 1.2.X

  • Enhanced Ctorrent 3.2
  • Enhanced Ctorrent 3.3

  • Halite 0.3
  • Halite
  • Halite 0.3.1

  • Ktorrent 2.2.X
  • Ktorrent 3.0.X
  • Ktorrent 3.1.X
  • Ktorrent 3.2.X
  • Ktorrent 3.3.X

  • MLDonkey 2.9.X

  • qBittorrent 0.9.3
  • qBittorrent 1.1.X
  • qBittorrent 1.2.X
  • qBittorrent 1.3.X

  • rTorrent 0.6.2
  • rTorrent 0.6.4
  • rTorrent 0.7.6 (libtorrent 0.11.6)
  • rTorrent 0.7.7 (libtorrent 0.11.7)
  • rTorrent 0.7.8 (libtorrent 0.11.8)
  • rTorrent 0.7.9 (libtorrent 0.11.9)
  • rTorrent 0.8.2 (libtorrent 0.12.2)
  • rTorrent 0.8.4 (libtorrent 0.12.4)
  • rTorrent 0.8.5 (libtorrent 0.12.5)
  • rTorrent 0.8.6 (libtorrent 0.12.6)

  • Transmission 0.8X
  • Transmission 0.9X
  • Transmission 1.0X
  • Transmission 1.1X
  • Transmission 1.2X
  • Transmission 1.3X
  • Transmission 1.4X
  • Transmission 1.5X
  • Transmission 1.6X
  • Transmission 1.7X
  • Transmission 1.8X
  • Transmission 1.93

If you're using an older version of one of these, time to upgrade it.

If you have accidentally updated to a brand new version, and need to downgrade to an older one, Google is your friend! Simply type the client name, and version number, then download from a trusted site, like

The following clients have been requested and will not be allowed currently:

  • Ares
  • Bitcomet
  • Bitspirit
  • BitTorrent
  • BitTyrant
  • Flashget
  • FrostWire
  • Shareaza
  • SymTorrent (no mobile clients)
  • uTorrent 1.5
  • uTorrent 1.7.2
  • uTorrent 2.0
  • Xtorrent

Uploading Torrents Guidelines

If you do not follow these Guidelines, you are at risk of losing your ability to Upload, We do want Quantity, but we also would like Quality to go hand in hand with it.

If you have any questions please read the UPLOADING TUTORIAL.

  • The tracker's announce url can be ANYTHING. Just don't leave it blank. It will be filled Automagically by Blackcats.
  • If you are uploading on anything less than a 100Mbit Seedbox, only upload 1 game at a time. Once you have got seeds, upload the next.
  • Search for the game first! The best way to search is to take 1 distinct word from the game and use that in your search.
  • Naming conventions are described in the UPLOADING TUTORIAL.
  • Make a decent description. Do not paste the .NFO and do not just try to make it 1 or 2 lines, We do not need a full review.
  • Minimum and Recommended Specs are REQUIRED for PC games. Extra information such as Swap Magic and HDloader Compatibility is welcome and helpful as well on Consoles.
  • Can you please input at least 1 Genre into your torrent, more would be better though, especially 1 Genre, 1 Region, 1 Age Rating, as not doing so, will mess things up in future uploads.

Recycled Torrents

Torrents with the recycled pic under their name Recycle30 are recycled/download free.

Recycled basically just means its been bumped to the top of browse, these may be torrents that were uploaded 2 years ago, popular torrents, big torrents (like PSP packs) or just if we are feeling generous, 0 day torrents.

Now for the download free.

If you download one of these torrents, there is no wait time for SP, you start gaining SP immediately after you finish downloading the torrent.

If you get SP to take your ratio to 1, then the download comes off your global ratio, for the acheivement table it stays on the actual torrent in your history.

You get to keep what you actually uploaded, we DO NOT give you the upload to 1 with SP, so as an example.

4 gig torrent, you seed it till you get SP which should equate to about 40 hours (depending on how much you actually upload), so lets say you upload 2 gig (so 20 hours to get SP). once SP reaches cost, your Download will come off your global ratio for that torrent so 4 gig in this case, but you will keep the 2 gig you uploaded (you will not get 4 gig uploaded from what SP gives you).

If you upload to 1 or above, before SP takes you to 1, you do not get the download taken off, the idea is, if you were able to upload to over 1, you must have a good connection anyway, and be able to absorb the dl.

The basic principle of this is as follows.

Members will seed torrents for longer, hoping that what they are seeding gets recycled.
Members wont be scared to download recycled torrents, because the chances are, their download comes off.
Because there is more members downloading recycled torrents, there will be more seeders, because more leechers = more seeders.

You can also search for only recycled torrents on the browse page.

The drop down with Active, Only Dead, Including Dead also has a Recycled option, select that, and click search will bring up all torrents on the site that are recycled/download free. which equates to nearly 2,000 torrents at the time of this thread.

so there you have it, any questions about this dont be afraid to ask in here.

***IMPORTANT: Your first torrent on this site should NOT be a recycled torrent. There is still a bug which results in your account being leechwarned and thus you can't do anything afterwards with your account anymore until it gets deleted after 4 weeks.***

Kitty Litter / Hit and Runs

What is Kitty Litter?

  • KL = Kitty Litter which means, you are the bottom class, and you cannot download any new torrents from the tracker.
  • It is not based on ratio (99% of the time anyway) it is based on Hit and Runs.
  • Hit and Runs = any torrent that has a ratio of less than 0.7.
  • It is also based on Points, not # of torrents, and we will never tell you how many points is each torrent, or how many points is KL.

How to get out of it.

  • Seed every torrent that you have got to at LEAST a 0.7 ratio, if there are 0 leechers, then use Seed Points to your advantage.
  • If you go to your profile, and click on your torrent history, every torrent that looks like this Smdanger is a Hit and Run, you will have to re-seed those, If you have deleted the files, you will have to re download them again, But remember 1 important fact: On BCG you do not need leechers to clear a Hit and Run. You can get out of KL with just using Seed Points, which are rewarded for Seeding Time on Individual torrents.

Deleted files before seeding? Read this.

Sometimes an user deletes his/her files before completely seeding them back.And a lot of new users seem to have this same problem.That's why I thought writing a guide about this should be helpful.So, let's start by the most important rule: you're expected to seed back everything you download.For further information, I'd recommend you to take a read on:There are many reasons that make an user to delete the downloaded files:*"Nobody was downloading anything from me (0 leechers)". Read the SP FAQ.

  • "My computer crashed". Keep reading this guide.
  • "There were so few leechers that I was getting 0KB/s of upload speed". Read the SP FAQ.
  • "Do I have to seed back?". Read the rules.
  • "It was so small that I though deleting it wouldn't matter". Redownload it and read the SP FAQ. And remember you're expected to seed back everything you download.
  • "But I only deleted one file and it's a H&R. Do I have to go through all of this pain?". If it's just one, then fine. If there are more of them, you might end up with a warning, read the FAQ. And if you want to be one of the nice guys, keep reading and fix this guide.
    And so on...

    No matter what caused the deletion, it's gonna result the same. And if you somehow still have the unpacked image file, there's no way you can repack it and make the CRC same as the original.

    There are a few possible solutions for this problem, so let's start by the easiest:
  • If you deleted the files because they were just too small and you didn't know it wouldn't matter, just redownload them. Small downloads won't affect your global ratio that much, so you can seed it back twice without having to worry about a leech-warning.
  • If you deleted the files but the torrent is eligible for SP, just redownload it.
    That's a great opportunity to take advantage of the SP mod, because after reaching the full cost, your individual ratio will become 1.000 and the uploaded (in this case, doubled, because you have downloaded it twice) amount will be added to your global ratio. For example, if you downloaded a torrent X which has 100MB and deleted it, when you redownload it, there's going to be 200MB downloaded against 0MB uploaded.
    After reaching the SP cost for the torrent X (remember that now the SP cost will be recalculated and therefore will be higher, so you're going to have to wait more than users who downloaded it only once, fair enough), this torrent will reach an individual ratio of 1.000 and those 200MB of uploaded data will be added to your global stats.
  • If you deleted the files and they are big (1GB or more), you can try to download the same relese from another tracker.
    I personally don't like this idea, because in BlackCats you're always helping somebody and in most of cases, redownloading a torrent from BlackCats will help the seeder who needs to upload to get his ratio up.
    Anyway, if you want, compare the torrent names, file lists, sizes and if everything matches, you can download this torrent and only seed it back in BlackCats.
  • If you got here, it means none of the solutions above work for you. Also means you have a big problem.
    If you deleted a big torrent, it's not eligible for SP and you can't find the same torrent in other trackers (i.e. BlackCats release only), there's only one solution left: data recovery.
    Before we start talking about the programs, there's one thing that must be known: everytime you delete files from your HDD, they stay there "waiting" to be either recovered or overwritten. If you downloaded a file and then erase it, there's a good chance that you can recover your files IF they are not overwritten already. So, if you had many HDD activities before the deletion, probably you won't be able to recover much data.
    By knowing this, a recovery program is still a good solution, once the torrents are divided in multi-rar files, there's a chance that you can recover some of those files and therefore not have to redownload the whole torrent.
    I am going to recommend three recovery programs: ZAR (Zero Assumption Recovery), Easy Recovery Professional and GetDataBack. All programs are pretty good and easy-to-use. So, what you have to do basically is to scan your HDD and choose what files to recover. I strongly suggest you to recover the files to other HDD, so you can always try to recover them if something goes wrong.

The Benefits of Donating

Donating £5 or More

Donor Non-Donor
Star Star No Star
36 hours wait time for SP on torrents over 800MB 72 hours wait time for SP on torrents over 800MB
18 hours wait time for SP on torrents under 800MB 36 hours wait time for SP on torrents under 800MB
Download Limit = 30 Download Limit = 5
20 torrents at a time get SP 10 torrents at a time get SP
6 SP per hour 1.5 SP per hour
20:1 seeder leecher limit removed 20:1 seeder leecher limit

Donating Less Than £5

Donor Non-Donor
Star Star No Star
1.735 SP per hour 1.5 SP per hour
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